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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  September 1, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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welcome back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you can see it is going to be a hot wind. 99 degrees in the end, let it thursday. triple digits as we hit the today's band, starting on friday, saturday all the way into next tuesday's there is a slight cooling trend. after these past couple of days i am sure we'll look forward to that. no rain in the forecast everything should be fine as far as the weather conditions for the next few days. traffic, bay bridge toll plaza, not a problem if you're heading into oakland. quick update the chp cleared an earlier problem on the lower deck. all lanes open without delay. san mateo bridge, no let's talk for the cemetery ridge and a minute. this is since the kron4 news or a shooting outside of the harmon in sunnyvale has injured one
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person and have the last night just before 11:00 in the 1100 block of i e l dry. officers say they found a victim with two gunshot wounds that victim is expected to be ok the shots are fired into an apartment police have not released details of this shooting it is unclear at the victim sustain those injuries will inside the apartment will follow that story more updates coming out. investors are hoping september is a kinder months on wall street, the stock market ended its first month of the maturing on tuesday. the dow was up five points the nasdaq fell 06 points after yesterday's better than expected report on consumer confidence attention now turns to manufacturing and construction new data shows americans spent was slightly more this august than last year. mastercard is reporting that august spending rose on consumer clothing as well as electronics
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but shoppers fullback on most other bridges. the federal judges and a disco was told combining the companies would allow them to survive better against industry competition and insisted the merger would not lead to higher air fares and reduced service. the companies are trying to ward off a lawsuit. the lawsuit want a preliminary injection to block this merger. they say higher fares reduce competition and the decrease servers are all likely of the two were to come one company. home prices rose in june for the third straight month of reserve for foreign 2% from a year ago and up 4.8% from the first three months of 2010. experts say the rise is largely due to government tax credits of up to $8,000 that caused sales to surge. coming up on the kron 4 morning news the very latest
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on the weather conditions in will be the start of very hot days. louisa will have the full update on what we can expect for the weekend. i live look outside, this is the albany camera. not a problem if you're heading from hercules berkeley in that area in the san francisco. 44 we come back. >>
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welcome back, a fishery a shot of the james lick traffic in the san francisco area had been san francisco still not from, a quick check dated your heading from san francisco into oakland, the problem on the lower deck has been cleared it should be smooth sailing if you're heading in that direction. talking about smooth let's start with the weather. that's over to louisa does so we can expect. >> the good news is is such a warm and your superb side. not to it than the fog. a clear shot of the golden gate, which is
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pretty different memory yesterday. san francisco, the upper 50s are ready. new and getting up to 79 degrees. still warming it up, getting into the 80s today in san francisco. i know for of your company by not having a summer a liking this temperature. ulster also starting to see temperatures getting into the '60s. that 60 degrees to concord. livermore 66 and up antioch. san jose ended fremont. 10:00, warming it up. since these may be even if you seven days. by noon ellis record in a warm-up and see if maybe if you '80s even some nineties. bart year highs stop voting in the '90s. widespread '90s into the south bay as well. you can
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see tawing iran around 94 degrees to the date. fairfield 98, along the peninsula, pretty warm out there. close to the beach weather. temperatures are in the '70s. 84 san francisco, and 90s along the peninsula in places like san leandro, hayward. san ramon, temperatures so close to the double-digit but it looks like will stay in the '90s for today. 99 and your san ramon. santa clara low 90s. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. former to mark tomorrow be the day were real seasoned chicago digits out there and i will keep a pretty warm around the bay. around the coast temperatures in the '70s, friday alone the fog. temperatures are cooling off. still nice, warm day. the weekend brings cool down by
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labor day things are going to get back down again to where we been used to. eighties in linz, '60s of the bay, '50s for the crows. well. >> let's talk about the traffic situation, driving a deer wander down as across the bay bridge road plaza smith going. 12 minutes if you're heading for oakland in san francisco keep in mind you have 42 minutes for only $4 after that the gems to $6. let's talk for the san mateo bridge. traffic is moving along jurors find, should only take you 12 minutes of your hiding from a word or to the peninsula no traffic problems, and no delays over in that area. golden gate. my guess is said, this is
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the easiest mewed of the mall. if you're heading north, from the north bay into san francisco, 21 minutes from novato into the toll plaza. san jose, light, clear the drive time on northbound 101 from so san jose to san clara 12 minutes. good news to pass along, the fremont officers shot while trying to arrest a man and oakland is improving. todd young is in serious but stable condition of your undergoing surgery again yesterday. doctors say he's heavily slate it is and could still face more surgeries later in the week. officers young's wife contacted us saying she thinks everyone for the support they assured her and her fairly. the man accused of shooting officer remains in custody, this is the video of his arrest in san diego on saturday just a few feet from the mexican border the d.a.
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filed charges against canterbury arturs yesterday. he's being charged with attempted murder, there's a picture carjacking and attempted carjacking along with arms charges. he's scheduled to be arraigned next tuesday. parents and teachers are a rage with the closer to procure centers and oakland. as you can see here, the rally outside golden gate tubs and development center last night to voice their frustrations. the centers for temporary closed yesterday due to state budget caps those cuts have forced the district to reduced by of funding. this close to have here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. care centers. >> we do not accept the and the coaches and aldrin. this is our affecting parents. families. people are not being allowed to pursue their education. >> able to identify some funds
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that we can redirect toward early jetted education to keep five of the seven child care the roman centers open. joe there are closing. all the services of family received override a that alternate locations. >> the judge in your attendees tussaud's will be relocated to one of the other five centers which is saved. these schools will have all the services the students need. national news, vice president joe biden will preside over a military change of command ceremony in baghdad. it's a signal the formal end of combat of operations in the rock. president barack obama delivered a major just touched a new mission for u.s. troops in the broader fight against terrorism. kron4 is jim for has more. >> at a cost of more than 4400
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u.s. military killed and 34,000 wounded. the combat mission in a rock is over after more than seven years. >> the united states is paid a huge price to put the future of rock and hands of its people we've met our responsibilities. >> in a prime-time address from the oval office the president said the united states commitment to its overland are rock continues will remain there the depression advising and assisting the security forces. >> the campaign promise fulfilled. republican leaders say america's success is not because of president barack obama but in spite of him the senator opposed the troops that many credit the type of conflict. one lawmaker rejected the idea that the surge reduce violence saying and again
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i am quoting in fact i think we will do the reverse. >> with one mission to impede president barack obama made it clear the fight against terrorism and the war in afghanistan are far from over. >> because our drawdown in the rock we're now able to apply the resources necessary to offense. >> combat may be coming to an end to a rock and many of the church of firming on but it does not end there. her son jarrett has a big challenge ahead of an answer to all of the war veterans. >> this reservoir will always be with our troops, there's a lot of yelling that is going to need to take place, there's a lot of the the need they've given so much they deserve more. we will make sure they get the health care they need the psychological services that they need the job how are they are to find jobs? hole of the reintegrate them
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become functional civilians again. they've been changed forever ruin to make sure that we help them. be able to heal and move forward. >> of is a lot of challenges ahead. air force sgt chaired bear surf to duties she emphasized her son and his fellow veterans who need jobs when they come home she and other moms are calling on their fellow americans tire of veterans. their support group that dates back to world war two. don't forget you can watch the president's speech in its entirety on our web site if you did not get to last night. that was addressed is of course coming up, the tech world is buzzing over a big announcement apple is expected to make today. we will give you a preview of what's to come ahead. a live look good side,
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san francisco skyline let me tell you once again leave your jacket several needed. if you take iwo wary. every mile limit on the bench
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what a mac, bridge checked, bay bridge still not a problem, not doing any work on the bay bridge and in her of land into san fran. 12 minutes so late that
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the meeting lights are off note from setting into san francisco. san mateo, no problems. lots more cars in that area but should only take you about 12 minutes to go from hayward over onto highway 101. golden gate, but 21 minutes from novato into san francisco. taking easier there you might be tempted to put your front against the chp is ours said there. apple is holding a big event in san francisco, a big announcement is expected kron force tech reporter gives us a preview of what to expect. >> the texan is buzzing over what apple unveiled wednesday at 10:00 a.m. apple is notorious for keeping secrets. we do not know for sure what happened. lemmings billion in the rumors, speculation and what they brought in. in the e-mail was
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this picture it's a good part of the apple logo so obviously this event is about music, some people think the dark figure hits that the beatles music will finally be available in itunes. i don't know, but i do think itunes the demo web based meaning you can access your itunes from any computer in the world. not your home computer which is the case now. it is widely expected that there will be in new ipod touch fifth string a camera of this time. then my release in in no eye caught without a quick deal it cannot touch screen. some news about apple tv. it is possible that there will unveil a whole new apple tv system across with volume by tv. to find overture tune in wednesday night at 5:00 p.m. i will assure you what apple shares of. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> still ahead the latest on the
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officer involved shooting military wife in may be linked to the case from last week. this friday, the giants game will be on nbc we will carry dateline nbc that will be on 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up with the kron4 evening news at 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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welcome back, i not see any club players all rise as i was driving into san francisco. and back san francisco is pretty darn warm. warm all over the bay area. for more on that ascended to louisa. no clouds and said this morning no low cloud cover, no fog as well. a clear commute, easier shot of albany's most of lights that there, but it also
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warm outside. starting off on this morning, finished form into the afternoon. pretty warm day, not to mar. into triple digits, a little better: forecast for your labor day. during temperatures, the upper 50s for san francisco, getting into the '60s there the through oakland's 62 concord, hayward, livermore. 66 antioch. then into monday, san jose temperatures there angelo's '60s. 10:00, funny as '70s said there. warming up fairly quickly today, as we head towards noon start to see if you 80s all this orange juice is the '80s, all of this red shows as '90s. do not be surprised if you get a few 90 degree readings as early as noon, 3:00 all of this red shows as widespread '90s and fact in most locations will talk
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about in the '90s. some locations for and a triple digits. 94 santa rosa, 97 sonoma upper 90s re-enter fairfield keeping temperatures in the 80s, 90s. 90 degrees and your redwood city, east bay '90s for san leandro, hayward, union city. 82 berkeley, oakland. san ramon, 99 degrees. livermore 98, so favoring his 90s. getting up to about 92 to santa clara valley. so keeping it in the '90s to run view, you'll surly filler warm up to date. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., sources said even more tomorrow. the good news is we'll keep the upper 80s raid around the bay. pleasanton missions are on the peninsula.
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one itunes and the warmer in the spots, maybe a little coastal fog by friday a little bit cooler by the end of the week. well. >> thank you, we have been calling for a warm summer whether and when it comes i better not hear anybody complaining because all my desk stage manager i hope you like it is going to be a warm one major condition today, you want major breaks. does your head in from oakland to san francisco. here's the bay bridge, hit not a problem. traffic is like running very lights are off, no construction mark. you should have no problems, be careful out there the chp they're patrolling obviously the eskers. we want to be saved this year than to work. another camera here, san mateo bridge. and always looks a little bit foggy, i drove across said it might just be a camera
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thing, i promise you it is just a myth. it's a beautiful ride above the water. only about 12 minutes to go from hayward over to 11. golden gate, if only view will know how light is on the golden gate bridge in the morning they might want to change their shift and come to work were early like us. only 21 minutes. polish ickes said no no-no. it should only take you now known. one final look, here is the albany can, traffic is like, no hot spots to report. anywhere in the bay, so just be careful of their sometimes you might get attempted to put your foot on the gas do what i do put it on cruise control and you should be fine as you head into work. sources near the ticket.
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developing story, at a richmond, < chp officers shot and killed the man wanted for murder. kron4 is rich or has more on what happened. >> investigators are still here at the scene in richmond gathering evidence, talking to witnesses trying to figure out how old is all unfolded the man the police records during his 38 year-old alfred called a model. wanted for homicide and hercules. and million-dollar war was issued for his arrest. it all landed richard the 99 grand juries market. to seek the officers told him to drop his weapon. he refused. they then fired at him killing him. an asian woman was found dead in the black actor he was driving. investigators believe that was his girlfriend. they do not believe that woman was connected to the women there were reported missing in vallejo. they believe that baltimore is connected to
4:35 am
those two missing vallejo women. they believe that one of those missing women was in the coins of his and that he may been driving the vehicle was registered in one of the women's names. this when investigators do not believe that the asian woman was one of the missing women. richmond, reggie kumar, kron4 news. >> new details if your love and ac transit to get around, boy there could be some tough times ahead the transition board will take a hard look at cuts as negotiations with its unions remain tangled in court. today board members were looking at cutting weekend service and taft, ending mostly night's service reducing hours from service across the board and where demand is lower. some places could be hit very hard. it could affect i get around the state. both sides are blaming the other of course for the deaf coachers as i had although the proposed cutbacks will be
4:36 am
presented tonight, the board will now run until september 22nd, if approved they would take effect early next year. california state lawmakers on both sides of the i was a return to get a state budget passed. competing plans are up for about another one got enough votes to pass. the governor defended his proposal. it calls for nearly 12 1/2 billion dollars in cuts. his is you will not sign of a new budget without an overhaul. >> 65 5 billion will eventually be $20 billion in the next 10 years, that is spreading out the program. for the first time ever your spending more money on pensions. and on retirement
4:37 am
benefits than in higher education. this is what i call living in the past or than living in the future. >> he also says he wants a reform to the budget that would include a rainy day fund for the state to better weather tough economic times. national news hurricane are has weakened in strength. it's not a category 3 hurricane, it set its sights on the eastern seaboard, has video coming at a st. john's bay. but today majority in that area as it moved across the caribbean. you can see, look to the trees coming down on top of cars. we do not hear of any injuries in the virgin islands but of course they're definitely in of this morning. lots of work to do, hopefully there will not be a scene like that in the eastern seaboard. but are the evacuation orders have been issued. this is seen as making kindergarten day and the british
4:38 am
version ions, the storm which into a category three. as ordered to cross the caribbean with windsor hundred and 25 mi. per hour leaving the boat rate their on dry land. forecasters caution that it was still too early to tell how close or might come to land. if warmer temperatures, for air quality another spirit near the air date has been issued. he encouraged a public tradition is the third run issued this summer. the air quality management district recommends a year of birth, take the bus, car fault do whatever you can including reduced household energy use cook indoors not on a barbecue. among lang killed by officers his name berkeley, the analysts spotted yesterday morning near shot ave. officials jaycee animal finally catching up to it here on walnut street were
4:39 am
officers took two shots of the line. the animal and came towards client. the shantou that. attacks against test score by coyotes are on the rise. coyotes have attacked several pounds or last few months. experts say it looks like the animals are spreading their territory which was probably their territory in the first place. coming up on the kron 4 morning news california is taking a stand on guns. we'll give you the details on a brand new band. a live look your side, james lick, traffic is not from. anywhere in the bay area and other traffic updates in a few.
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here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today, a triple digits. friday, 95 degrees, still very hot. always use a lot hotter than what it says on the board. you proudly need some
4:41 am
air-conditioning over the next few days may be a bus stop. suntanned of it is going to be a warm one. personally i would not mind it on tuesday. 80 degrees is perfect for me. california general. prison gangs. yesterday brown announced a new action against three games. it started in folsom more than 40 years ago. >> i am determined to put a stop to the control of street crimes by pressing things. prison is was to punish, is a place where people get their lives back in order when it becomes literally the college of crime, that our system fails. >> operation street sweeper a joint task force of tran 50 state and local law-enforcement agencies wrapped up yesterday. with the rest of 34 gang members feared brown also announced plans to block illegal cell phones, imprisoned through and i
4:42 am
tried that. that plan still needs congressional approval. california news, is a lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have had made it illegal to carry unloaded guns in public. they nearly approved a measure by the field in the assembly the law would made it a misdemeanor to openly carry an opening and again in a public place. current law permits caring a rifle or a handgun in the whole story if it is now loaded. state lawmakers rejected a bill seeking to ban plastic strapping banks. going to forge a tran regulate personal chores it would run for statewide ban on those few cities are deeper. their use. then a big man in pressuring in this. calling in will a job killer. the state senate has defeated a bill that would of been in the chemical dismal from a plastic baby bottle city cabs,
4:43 am
and baby formula containers it would have limited the chemical to trace amounts of food, drink containers intended for use for children in three area under. coming up on the kron 4 morning news a sharp warning and pacifica we'll give you the latest, ensure you how servers are reacting. a live look outside, bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is moved only about rob minutes ahead from the macarthur maze in san francisco. the current temperature and oakland a very comfortable 63 degrees. high of 88.
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and welcome back, and changing countermanded barack falling into the camera mission in that country samantha hayes reports from washington d.c.. >> who defense secretary robert gates is an ironic along with vice president joe biden the two are scheduled to attend the formal transfer of command
4:45 am
ceremony in baghdad. president barack obama announced the end of operation tuesday night from the oval office. >> ending this war is not only in iraq's interest is their own. the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of its people. >> the 7 year warranty claim the lives of more than 4700 u.s. troops. the president says was a combat mission has come to a close, about 50,000 u.s. troops will remain to help the people. >> advising, assisting the security forces supporting iraqi troops and trading counters emissions and protecting our civilians. consistent with their agreement all u.s. troops will leave by the end of next year. >> will the residences the end is a fulfillment of his command republican leaders pointed out that the president had opposed
4:46 am
the juicer generally credited with bringing stability to rock. president barack obama opposed it. he opposed to the foreign where he voted to cut off all funds. >> to emphasize domestic problems saying his authority will be to restore the economy. cement paste. he >> if you're just getting ready to head to work, let me give you advice. don't bring your jacket, you will not needed you might just lose a because you not be wearing and it is our hot. how hot is again a dead? >> beach were there. bring your shorts, tank jobs you certainly will not need your jacket. warming up for the nicely. clear shot a set as a no-load cloud cover. will own 88, is they fear
4:47 am
if for topping underrun 91. that done and the mid '80s by the upon hour. the trouble of numbers just to give you an idea of where you can expect, for today livermore is getting close to the center mark up to about 98, to are we to argue breaking into the two digits. oakland upper 80s the march tomorrow. mid-80's to mars love. low 90s. still sitting in the '90s warning it gradually. so you can see were are to bring is as warm temperatures as we head into the hot day tomorrow. temperatures warmer pretty quickly even to 10:00, there is all this yellow badges the '70s. temperatures as warm as 70 degrees. by noon,
4:48 am
getting up in the '80s, noticed a little bit of red, that justice '90s as early as noon time. that is what your numbers are going to look like. 94 degrees for santa rosa. 97 and sonoma. low 90s to cinephile. santa mill valley as well. so pretty comfortable pleasant conditions and san francisco. feeling like summer. all over to berkeley, oakland to mid to upper 80s. 94 castro valley. san ramon upper 90s. 993 antioch. south bay senegal at 91. 95 into morgan hill. labor day, which is a big difference. tempters for illegal san francisco only 65.
4:49 am
for brokers '70s here's a look interest do it here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. pop the law of rolling back in on your friday and then beginning a cooling trend this weekend's.. >> thank you. a cooling trend. here's the bay bridge toll plaza, meeting lights are still of. cold chrominance. traffic is related to markair, golden gate. 21 minutes if you're heading from highway 37 down to the toll plaza. with the warmer weather
4:50 am
up there be careful especially in pacifica, people saw what they believe was a great white shark. just a few hundred yards. here is a video shot by witnesses you can see the dorsal some said could be as long as 25 ft. witnesses say that chirk attacked ec line crating a redpoll blood visible from the store. kron4 is dave guingona was there were most of the servers in the jurors continued not surprisingly to go into the water. >> there are fewer inconspicuous handwritten signs posted but that did not seem to faze most observers here on tuesday. of the iraqi defeat low. >> better chance of getting struck by lightning. this should
4:51 am
grow on this day. >> all joking aside their few surfers or copper and silver growing and some of the ones to start with their own eyes. this man as a first-round call the police after the setting. you could tell from the russian river in the blood in the water. 34 he wide. >> the june order. amazing thing tories were getting in the water. connolly is more from behind. >> you see things this light is on national geographic. it really doesn't do justice. but then again it was so foggy at noon, you could barely see the water might source of shark. >> a call for fuel beginning
4:52 am
badly because some people they don't think the signs are big enough so we said stanley roberts of their for this edition of people being badly. >> are rising out there's a chance they grogginess. we should all not sir robert george setting science. and jump in order. walk into march a beach where a recent church setting has trouble walking to the beach and in order. >> those is a crazy. >> sunday both richards will see the sign and stay clear. >> and kids is our if you see the shark is barley to late. >> not of the studies of the house. many people make that surfers, totally ignored short
4:53 am
setting science and surf the way. >> the shark bit a seal, or to get the water? >> many of the people i talked to have no intention of being an appetizer. >> this couple from wisconsin let their kids go on the water as their watch. and this lady came to the beach >> my question is if you sign that said raid short setting which each of the water? >> know. no. nope. nope. bono. but then again on a coward. the >> and add me to the listed cards. >> pacifica, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> if you've uncommon for a story idea from stanley e-mail us at people behaving badly at kron4 field be out there to another story of people living badly. more traffic there is no
4:54 am
clouds above as, which means it is going to be a warm morning in
4:55 am
welcome back, clear shot of the golden gate, nothing in the way of thought. fit is a different future in terms of the fog this morning. we're also looking at a bit of a different picture but the terms of the temperature. but by noon 79. high of 84 back down to 75 by a clock. all lot of folks out in about. if you're heading to heather farms, temperature 96. jack london square 88 degrees. the meal lake
4:56 am
park 91 degrees. overall plenty of sunshine for you, clear skies, warm temperatures damages starting to warm up. a good 63 degrees and your oakland. antioch is a warm spot up to 66. 60 down in mountain view, san jose. 10:00, i notice all of this yellow ribbon to the state. choses 70 starting to work their way into the forecast. by noon, we could get into '70's, 80's, 90's. notice of this red duchess as the '90s, most locations will talk get it. sandra's, run a park with tempters unloaded mid- 90s upper 90s in places like fairfield even sonoma. peninsula, pretty nice. 84 for
4:57 am
san francisco. warming up into the '90s, palo alto also [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer?
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and always made with natural ingredients, for a taste that's authentically delicious. sargento. persnickety people. exceptional cheese.
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looking for any evidence they say he is the man believed to killed 73 year-old ricardo and hercules. he was found dead in his bedroom on merrill drive on
5:04 am
saturday and officers to help him after a high-speed chase will have a live talk with trent cross coming up. here's a photo, he is reportedly involved in an altercation with cells this week before the murder. cells his son in the meantime has a missing since his father was his body was discovered. investigators are concerned about his safety when they turn but to be a case related to last night incidents to bay area filipino women who been missing since last week are the subject of research by vallejo police this morning. fasting for the public's health help. 60 year- old mark korea smart's also known as caro. and sidney allen also known as reed that. they're known to frequent casinos, she was last seen a week ago as choosing to get the visit allen and vallejo. police believe the
5:05 am
two may be in his cadillac as to be carried with a california flake, there is on the top right-hand corner. new details, the fremont officer shot while trying to arrest a man in the oakland was improving. officer tidy and is in serious but stable condition after undergoing surgery again yesterday. doctors say he's heavily slated. and could still face more surgeries later this week. officers yen's rise contact the best thing she wants to thank everyone for their support, they showed her and her family. the man is suspected of shooting the officer remains in custody. this is video of his arrest on saturday. the lme county d.a. filed charges against them yesterday. he's being charged with attempted murder of police officer, there's this picture.
5:06 am
carjacking, attempted carjacking along with a firearm charges. he's scheduled to be arraigned next tuesday. if you read a speech and said there could be some tough times ahead. the transit accord will take a hard look kickups afternoon as negotiations with its union remain tangled in court. today board members will look to cutting weekend service than half, ending mostly night service, reducing hours of service across the board, where demand is lower. they're looking at the whole spectrum to see what they can do to minimize some of the effect on writers. both sides are blaming the other. for the difficult years ahead. >> to continue to threaten the public by taking away the core of the services executive >> vandalism> are to. >> any clients to decide to do
5:07 am
will take effect in the new year. coming up the latest on hurricane earl, before i get to that story, click bridge deck, starting off the bay bridge. no problems in nine minutes from the macarthur maze to san francisco. san mateo bridge, at 12 minutes it is picked up or ross 30 minutes. trove as if you're heading from the east bay over to the peninsula, one more look to golden gate, try one minutes from the rather to the toll plaza will be right back. our real national pastime?
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at&t. rethink possible. but traffic is taking at, but still not a problem if you're going from cells send us into santa clara. it took 12 minutes. and when you do you will notice that is 63 degrees that side you might even roll the new window, but to the size and number, 91 degrees is the high. very hot.
5:11 am
even harder in the inland. following the weather conditions did the bay area louisa will give it an update on the forecast in a few. national news hurricane earl has weakened its strength this morning. it is now a category 3 hurricane, setting its sights on the eastern seaboard. it is argued that the path of destruction across the cambrian. you can see bridges command of the virgin islands, look at the treated as toppled on a car. trees in front of beautiful homes. will it looks like a madman is that home. lots of damage to clean up in the virgin islands. girl approaches the u.s.. the evacuation orders have been issued. this is the scene this week in tinbergen bay on the island of the upper lip. the storm began to category 3 hurricanes. as it whipped across the caribbean with wins over
5:12 am
hundred and 25 m.p.h.. votes of the water and land. forecasters caution that it is too early to tell how close are only come to land. coming up, we will have a live interview with a friend across about an investigation that is taking place in richmond to. involving a murder that took place. we'll have him coming up we come so why are over a thousand people a day switching to chevrolet? room for eight and all sorts of space behind the third row. they just thought of everything.
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5:15 am
at a breaking news that richmond chp officers have shot and tell the man wanted for murder. the investigation continues this morning because now the suspects may be linked to several other murders. jenny as loud is sergeant ross, sergeant rossi noted in a long night for you what can you tell us about the latest that ended up with it and man shot and killed by one of your officers right now the california
5:16 am
highway patrol along with richmond vallejo and the district attorneys are trying to fight all the pieces together to determine exactly how everything started then took place. we are looking at multiple deceased victims. when you did this pursuit was there any point in time when he tried to pull over and pretended to stop before taking off. >> no and no point did you try to stop, speeds reach a hundred miles per hour in this initiative was a hell ended up and richmond at which the suspected flee his vehicle into an asian market. sue officers gave chase, when they encountered the suspect he was are there large knife. 1 oz drop the weapon. the officers weren't sure for rives and discharge their firms. >> we also know that a search of
5:17 am
the victim's car turned up the body of a missing mormon tea jar with that? >> when he determines that the disease lin was his girlfriend. as soon as officers arrived, she was unconscious the builder of the car. they had determined that she been deceased for a while. >> is turning being released? >> know. >> i know there's a suit for two missing vallejo one any connection with waldemar out to those women? >> the two missing none have been located. rail we cannot confirm the connection because of still early the leica said earlier this is really complex in nature it is still early on, we're hoping that some point soon we can let everyone know what took place in our reading of vince broking at is multiple
5:18 am
disease people including the suspects. our sojourn the prose pieces together. >> what started the case case to begin with? >> pleasant helpless to run located the suspects vehicle and initiated a traffic stop that's when the suspect began to flee. once you announce the freeway that's when the chp to grover. fortune in fresno and some people were injured. like a mention before speech did reach a hundred miles an hour. we did have air support, we had a supervisor involved. fortunately it ended in the dead in the suspect. >> thank you. you can see this is a scene that is still going on as yellow tape behind their with the masseter still very much active. >> thank you> >> and weather update, a clear
5:19 am
shot of the bay bridge approach. no fog in said, also serving to fill those temperatures warm love you in this morning and into the afternoon we will really get up there. by now and getting into the low 80s. 88 and oakland the backdowns the upper seventies by the the cross tower. monday's like this get hot folks want to go out to the problem spots in your heading over to heather farms, 96 degrees. jack london square 80 degrees.. and the lake park 91 . plenty of sunshine every look. not much in the of cloud cover. warming up. antioch, flirting with the 70 degree mark. oakland in the '60s, harris from money you fremont is already at 63.
5:20 am
ctenophore, plenty of '70s. by nancy of the '80s, all this red shows as '90s as early as noon. we will fill them, the '90s by 3:00 hour, widespread as we headed the afternoon. 97 and sonoma. fairfield, 98 degrees hotter than fairfield today. 84 percent of the district. along the coast keeping the temperatures in the '70s. nineties and to redwood city, palo alto. this is like hayward, castro valley dennis freeman also say in the mid to upper 80s. as a head over to walnut creek 96 degrees. 99 for pets for from a yard. this is a santa clara, 92 degrees. 95 degrees in
5:21 am
two morgan help. labor day, looks a little different, pretty cool compared to what we're dealing with. san francisco 95 degrees. san as a 77. a high and livermore 77. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. hot the next couple of days a little bit of coastal fog by friday. will. >> thank you, coming in the kron 4-we're falling and breaking news at a richmond as well as what you've been talking about the very hot conditions. a quick look to the bay bridge, traffic is picking up still only nine minutes if you're buying from the macarthur maze to san francisco,we have a programming change this friday, the giants game will be on nbc we will carry dateline nbc that will be on 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up with the kron4 evening news at 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen
5:22 am
friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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5:25 am
apple is holding a big event in san francisco, the big announcement is expected kron4 tech reporter gives us a preview of what to expect. >> the texan is buzzing over what apple will unveil wednesday actinium the president in san
5:26 am
francisco apple is notorious for keeping secrets so we do not know for sure what will happen, let me fill you on the rumors, speculation that we heard. >> and e-mail in died in an e- mail with this picture it's a guitar with the apple logo obviously this event is about music in some way past. i think apple will make itunes a web based service. meaning you can access your library entrances music to our bowdlerizes many computer in the world not just your home computer. it is widely expected that there be new upright judge instructing a camera in the face time. they might release and in no without a clip reel the middle touchscreen and there should be some news about our goal tv. it is possible they will unveil a
5:27 am
whole new apple tv system possibly telluride tv to when it fletcher soon in wednesday night at 5:00 p.m. to kron4 news i will show you what apple shares of. >> breaking news out of richmond as you can see investigators are looking to a car that was their overnight its order of a high-speed pursuit where the forsees fewer officers to open fire on the suspects one and for murder the man died at scene. a live interview with and for murder the man died at scene. a live interview with more my friends at work think there's more than one "me." ...because on our trips, i always get there faster. see, expedia lets me mix and match airlines. so i can take one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest.
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5:29 am
welcome back, a live look at it cleared golden gate bridge. let us find that about the warm-up. >> clear shot, a different picture than yesterday. different picture in terms of those temperatures warming it up
5:30 am
even more than yesterday's. that he waived is certainly on. the to see a clear shot of downtown, sunny, warm day. triple digits expected this week, but cooler forecast for labor day. first let's go ahead and take a look at the temperatures. livermore, a burn '90s, like tomorrow will bring into the triple digits coming in around 101. concord, upper 80s. san francisco mid-80s. nice along the peninsula will alike summer. nineties and your san jose. mid-90s to san rosa. a look rain outside, current temperatures into the 60s for phrases like oakland, hayward. 69 in hayward. 58 livermore. los 62 mountain view and san jose. 10:00, all of this delicious '70s, warming up pretty quickly.
5:31 am
both notice all of this red, that shows as a '90s working their way to the north bay, down into the cells they, then we really fell in all the wed by the 3:00 hour, trying is plenty of '90s. why to read. 94 for sale rosa. 97 for sonoma. upper 90s to fairfield. check at these temperatures, 80s, 90s in places like redwood city, palo alto or to the states temperatures in the '90s as well 94 for castro valley 93 for hayward pipet mid to upper 80s to san ramon. 99 and some of the warmer spots. then at the civic clara. 95 for morgan hill, 91 san jose, labor day looks like this, much, much
5:32 am
colder. as we head through san francisco 75. 77 san jose to 79 to livermore. big change by labor day for. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. fought the next couple of days, fo mark/. >> bay area traffic is quiet. no cells are accidents. bay bridge toll plaza is like, i want to show you what is happening at sam is there bridge where things are moving smoothly, no delays is to make your way to the toll plaza moving close to the speed limit. golden gate, drive, 101 north and south through marin, no traffic from said the golden gate. a live look here at the james lick, traffic is moving smoothly in and out. breaking news story at richmond, a chp
5:33 am
officers have shot, killed the man wanted for murder. here's a live picture, you can see were the chase ended and no one is left. police say the man believed to kill the 73 year-old ricardo in hercules found dead in his bedroom on murrow drive on saturday. officers killed him after a high-speed chase, you can see the suspects car kron4 spoke with trento's he breaks down when happen. >> slate now we cannot confirm the connection is still early. like ann mentioned before this is really complex in nature. it is still early on. were hoping it someone soon we can let everyone know what took place. will will or looking at is multiple disease people including the suspects. were so dry prose pieces together. >> we will continue to follow
5:34 am
this story, new details coming in shortly. we'll bring you the latest. the latest now let's have times ahead for people ride ac transit the transit accord will take a hard look good cuts as negotiations with its union remain tangled. board members will look a cutting weekend service and have. ending mostly nine service reducing hours across the board, a special regimen is lower. both sides are blaming the other for the vote schurz's all the cutbacks will be presented tonight the board will not vote on them into as timber 22nd, as cuts would take effect in december. barbara boxer will take the stage tonight, for their first and so for na only scheduled to play. the most recent toll shows boxer with a 3 percent lead. california state lawmakers on both sides are trying to get a state budget morass. yesterday
5:35 am
both the republicans in the leaders have put their competing plans up for about neither the number garnered enough to pass. governors for its and defended his proposal calling for nearly 12 1/2 million dollars in cuts. he says he will not saffron in the budget without an overhaul to the employee pension system which now costs the state six knapp billion dollars a year. >> 65 5 billion will eventually be $20 billion within the next thing years, that is crowding out the program stood for the first time ever in your spending more money on pensions and retirement benefits than on higher education. this is why call living in the past rather than living in the future. the governor went on to say that he was to reform the budget says that this includes a rainy day so this state can weather tough economic times. on the official
5:36 am
end of the u.s. military's combat mission president barack obama delivered a major address to the american people from the office. the president touched on a new mission for u.s. troops. with >> i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. our common mission had ended their commitment your rocks future is not. going forward a transitional force of u.s. troops will remain in the rock with a different mission advising and assisting security forces supporting troops for counter-terrorism. and protecting our civilians. consistent with our agreement with the iraqi government all u.s. troops will leave by the end of next year.
5:37 am
>>, that may be coming to an end to many ships are coming home but it does not and they're so says a blue star linda meyer, she does kron4 news her son jarrett has a big chunk of how best out of it. >> the scars of war will always be with their trips that are coming back there's a lot of healing that is going to need to take place there's a lot of help that they're going to need they deserve some mark tomorrow. we want to make sure they get the health care that they need the psychological services that they need the jobs, higher than find jobs who is going to help the reintegrate. and become functional. they've been changed forever and we want to make sure we help them not forget the be able to heal. and be productive citizens again. >> therefore surgeon jurors sort. jim is the son and for veterans who need jobs. she and other moms are calling on fellow
5:38 am
americans to hire a veteran. the moms are support group which dates back to world war two. you can watch the oval office address in insincerity on our web site at we'll be right back as a kron4 morning news continues, an update on a developing story a high-speed chase and swiss police shooting and killing a suspect he is suspected in the deaths of three other people. details coming up.
5:39 am
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world news drilling has started to reach the 33 miners trapped underground for more than three weeks, the effort could take three-four months. until now the man the been living was named refuge 33. they've been surviving on liquids. all of the 33 miners are in good spirits. they're looking for to the promise of solid food. severe of writhing is devastating pakistan
5:42 am
one-fifth of the country's irrigation and livestock have been destroyed. the army as long to are struggling to reach some of the million people as for still in need the scale of the disaster has raised concerns about the stability of pakistan. we'll be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues of live look from vallejo police officers are in a house where two missing women believed to be found dead inside. a live report coming up and how this is connected to a high speed over night chase.
5:43 am
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just one dose, once a month. falling and breaking news story, a live look from a lay held a man shot dead by chp after a high-speed chase a woman found strangled inside that car. the person shot and killed believe to be the suspect in the death of a 73 year-old man. there two missing women in vallejo the dispersing could be connected to
5:46 am
jackie sissel of live. jackie. >> good morning mark, i met a home in a dublin court in vallejo, you can see that there's investigators inside this room where they found the bodies of two women in the last 5-10 minutes we some message is coming out what appeared to be a computer drive, did cells are very few rain now. the vallejo police officers are not telling as much information it's a developing story. it seems to changing by the men as soon as we get some new ration will pass along. >> as far as we have heard after the chase ended they did find a woman dead inside the chase vehicle? >> yes. this is a completely different seeing this as a vallejo. at the house when they discovered two bodies of women. >> these women had been missing for a while?
5:47 am
>> and there are two missing women there and looking for them there's been no official confirmation of her was inside of this from whose bodies were discovered in his home the weekend i a there were two bodies discovered as i said it's a developing story it seems very fluid even some of the officers arriving here are unsure of the complete story right now we're trying to gather as much of the nation as it can we do know one speculated to we never served. thank you. we'll go back to judge shirley of all the latest on this breaking news story. >> it is going to be a hot day out there just to ready. clear conditions over san francisco temperatures starting to warm up. upper 50s rain now. 57 my
5:48 am
noon, getting as the upper '70's and high temperature in downtown denver does go 84. back down again to 75 by the clock. i elsewhere, the current temperatures working their way of the '60s to oakland. hayward. 71 and in the act. 10:00, warming up pretty quickly. impact of the sale indicates '70s. '70s as early as 10:00. by noon warming up into these a beavis seeing a few nineties. widespread 90s by the 3:00 hour in fact as afternoon highs for to talk about around 94. upper 90s to sonoma. 98 degrees to cinephile. low 90s checketts peninsula. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. rain along the coast 84 for san francisco. nine days redwood city palo alto. dunnage fremont
5:49 am
as well keeping those temperatures in these to berkeley and oakland. some of those an ounce was checked out. ceram 99 degrees. 99 for antioch in the south bay '90s riff across the board from around europe which is about 91. founded to morgan hill and 95. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. highlights that warming trend the next couple of days that he way this early on we will keep those temperatures in the triple digits rob and some of the warmer inland spots upper 80s around the bay '70s for the coast friday at some of the coastal fog working its way in cooler forecast expected by the latter part of the weekend and into labor day tempters are back down into the low 80s. sixties around the bay '50s for the coast. >> thank you, no problems with a good ride on westbound 80 from the maze. no meeting lights only nine minutes into the city. san
5:50 am
mateo, no delays or problems. dry time rainout for westbound 92 to 101 coming in at 12 minutes. golden gate no delays on 1013 marin or on the bridge itself as you make your way from highway 37 down the toll plaza us of dry time of just 21 minutes. wall street, investigators are hoping that september will be a kinder month for the market's the stock market ended its worst august since 2001 with a maturing on tuesday the dow was up five. the nasdaq down six. better than expected report on consumer confidence attention is turning to construction, americans spent only slightly more this august than last. mastercard is reporting that august spending rose on children's clothing. shoppers pullback and most other merchandise. a hearing for
5:51 am
united airlines and continental were working to close the merger deal. they told a federal judge combining the companies would allow them to survive better against industry competition and insisted the merger would not lead to higher air fares or reduce services. the companies are trying to ward off a pass toward antitrust lawsuit they want a preliminary injunction to block a merger parents and teachers are outraged over the closer to a child care centers in oakland. as you can see they rallied outside golden gate tubs of the roman centers yesterday evening to voice their frustration. there were temporarily closed yesterday to a proposed budget cuts those cuts have forced the district to reduce travel and education funding and close to of here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. care centers this is affecting whole families. parents having to quit jobs people not being able to pursue
5:52 am
their higher education based on not having a place for their kids. redirecting toward l.a. hired traffic educations to keep five centers are open. two of them are closing and all the services of families received there will provide at alternate locations. >> the children who attend these centers will be relocated to one of the other five centers which were saved. oakland district officials say these goals what of all the services these students need. jerry brown as a young prison gangs. he announced action against a gang which started in prison more than 40 years ago. i am determined to for a stop to the control of street crime by pershing in prison this was to punish, a place for people get their lives back in order when it comes literally the college of crime, then our system fails.
5:53 am
>> operation street sweeper wrapped up yesterday with the rest of 34 gang members. he also announced plans to block illegal cell phones in prison to run electronic net that plan still needs for approval. we'll be back as a kron4 morning news continues. an update coming up as chp should and kill a man a suspect in several other murders details coming up. will be on nbc we will carry dateline nbc that will be on 8:00 p.m. it will be followed up with the kron4 evening news at 10:00 p.m. wwe smackdown will move to saturday at 7:00 p.m. and dr.phil can be seen friday at 3:00 p.m. we will be right back.
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welcome back, breaking news that we're following a live look for a richmond on the left for police shoot and kill a suspect, woman found strangled to death inside it started in pleasant hill ended in richmond on the right at home in vallejo, we're hearing reports of the bodies of two women were found inside the some of vallejo. will have the very latest as if all these breaking news stories continues in two minutes.
5:58 am
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